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Grand Canyon Development is one of the best Development/owner’s rep companies I have worked with in the Vegas Valley. With over 16 years’ experience here, I’ve worked with many similar companies and have always had issues.  Grand Canyon simply “gets it”… meaning they understand not only the construction side of the project, but also the development/design side, making the transition from one to the other seamlessly effective.  Their professionalism, knowledge base, ethics, and attention to detail are outstanding!!

Brett Hern
Senior Project Manager

Southern Nevada Children First

I have had the pleasure to work with the talented and committed staff of Grand Canyon Development Partners and Sam Nicholson over the course of many years and with several different non-profit agency projects. As a local non-profit agency our expertise is helping children, youth and families in need in Southern Nevada however that expertise does not include how to develop new buildings or enhance existing space that can be used to serve more people at risk and/or in need. Sam and the Grand Canyon team provide exceptional customer service by attending to all the details, advocating for the best environment to serve more people in need and by supporting our needs with their depth of knowledge.  Southern Nevada Children First is so honored to work with and be supported by Grand Canyon Development Partners! Our partnership will support the new location our agency was able to move in to and as a result are able to extend the reach of our help to children, youth and families in need to more!   
Thank you Sam and team….you all are greatly appreciated!!
Christina Vela

Fitzgerald Development Advisors LLC

I’ve been fortunate to have been in the regional shopping center business for over 25 years and have managed numerous development teams – owners, operations, leasing, architects, engineers, contractors, i.e., the whole panoply of skill sets required to deliver market dominant retail projects on time and on budget.  When I was pulled into the Grand Bazaar Shops project less than 4 months prior to its scheduled opening, I was pleased to find the project management side of the team being ably handled by Sam Nicholson and his crew at Grand Canyon Development Partners.
It was a difficult project for a number of reasons. A complicated ownership structure, a new kind of retail project with over 100 uses crammed into 50,000 square feet, a high profile location getting close scrutiny by its landlord, the County and a bevy of tenants trying to work around project requirements… to name just a few.
Sam’s depth of experience, calm demeanor and “can do” mindset were critical to pushing the project forward in the face of all challenges.  The project opened on time and under budget. The level of finish speaks for itself. The innumerable issues resolved in the process with ownership, Caesar’s, the County and the unions, and the fact that all of them still hold Grand Canyon in high regard, speaks volumes.
It takes a team to do project management well.  Sam was the team leader, Katie the building project manager and Vincent the lead tenant coordinator.  They partnered seamlessly with the general contractor, and the entire design consultant group.  Katie was tireless in tracking building progress and pressing to resolve all cost and schedule issues.  Vincent had the unenviable job of managing that bevy of tenants – close to 70 of whom all opened on the same day.  Beyond that, they also cared for the project as if it was their own.  If something wasn’t right for the project, they were advocates in getting it fixed.  Team work and a sense of ownership are critical commodities in this business, and Grand Canyon has both.
Lastly, I will simply add that they are good people. It has been my pleasure to have been able to work with them.
Terry Fitzgerald

AON Risk Insurance Solutions

Aon Risk Insurance Solutions, West located in Los Angeles, CA.  Aon is an industry leader in creating and managing OCIP’s and CCIP’s nation wide.Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) has become a standard feature in the construction industry. The success to any (OCIP) or Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) are the teams which include Owner Project Management and the OCIP Administrator/Safety Program.I had the honor to work with Sam over the last few years while he and his team were managing the construction of the Cosmopolitan.  His knowledge, expertise and professionalism truly  helped make the The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas a success and look forward to working with him again.
Suzanne Poole
National Accounts Wrap-Up Coordinator

Glimcher Capital Group

We had the pleasure of working with Grand Canyon Development Partners on a multi-year, highly complex project at the heart of the Strip in Las Vegas.  Needless to say, we encountered many challenges in constructing a project in such a high visibility, highly trafficked location.  However, the Grand Canyon team never panicked, but instead found thoughtful solutions to each problem, which addressed each constituent’s concerns.  Sam Nicholson and his team (and especially Katie Mulryan) were zealous advocates for their client’s interests, the most knowledgeable experts in their field and the team with the highest level of integrity I have ever worked with.  We could not have been more fortunate in finding them.
Danny Glimcher

Noah’s Animal House

Sam Nicholson and Grand Canyon Development Partners were the answers to our prayers on multiple occasions for Noah’s Animal House.   Our facility in Las Vegas turns 10 this year and in dog years, that is more like 70.  Our facility was starting to show our age and Sam stepped in to help us understand and plan for the repairs and improvements that come with age.   In 2016, Noah’s signed an agreement to build a second location in Reno to serve the victims of domestic violence and their pets living in Northern NV.  Sam and his team stepped in and assumed the development role for our organization with a level of professionalism and experience that we could never have afforded.  In return, he selected a construction company that is delivering our project on time (early, actually) and on budget.  He makes himself available to us whenever needed, just as if we were a top paying client.   His team makes us feel like we are a priority and tails will be wagging at Noah’s Reno next month— because of Sam and Grand Canyon Development Partners.  
Staci Alonzo
CEO & Founder