Tenant Coordination Services

At Grand Canyon Development Partners, we understand the importance of our client’s relationship with their tenants. We offer Tenant Coordination Services both as part of an overall Construction Management contract, or as a direct consultant. Our team of experienced professionals provide solutions that successfully align ownership goals with retailer objectives, to achieve the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. From renovations and expansions to new ground-up developments, we execute a plan designed to build relationships and maximize the potential of each new project. Providing all-inclusive tenant coordination services to property owners, developers and retail clients is just another way we make excellence what we do.

A few advantages to utilizing a Tenant Coordinator:

  • Reduction in overhead costs to the Owner
  • Maximize valuable time and resources
  • Advocacy and clear, consistent, and timely communication for the landlord/owner
  • A discerning eye and hands-on experience
  • As conflicts occur, we quickly notify Clients with a recommended course of action complete with estimated cost and schedule impacts

Our specific services include:

  • Shell and Tenant Improvement Plan coordination and review
    • Coordination with client and Tenant design teams
    • Coordination and review of Owner’s construction plans and Tenant’s improvement plans (including signage)
    • Review of the Tenant’s schedule, design and technical criteria
    • Tenant L.O.D. production and management
  • License and Permit verification and Tenant guidance for timely implementation and  completion
  • Construction and/or review of all lease documents and exhibits
  • Preparation of marketing materials (color site plans, exterior building elevations, maps, etc.) to assist client in Tenant negotiations.
  • Oversee Tenant construction
    • Coordination with Owner, Tenant contractors, and internal construction management staff
    • Coordination of Tenant utility services
    • Management of Tenant’s change order processing
    • Ensure Tenant’s Contractor adheres to construction rules and regulations
    • Progress reporting and tracking
    • Punch list and close-out documentation
    • Participate in inspections and walk-through as well as follow up on items required for certificate of Occupancy and or project close out
  • Coordinate budget and any changes
  • Track documents, change orders, and important information in writing