Pandemic Resistant Implementation Services

Pandemic Resistant Implementation Services

Grand Canyon Development Partners recognizes that the method in which the industry approaches the design of commercial office and retail space needs to shift to keep the work force safe.  All businesses were affected by the design of their office environment that were not conducive to mitigating the spread of communicable airborne viruses such as the common cold, flu, and corona viruses.   GCDP was intent on finding solutions to the problem and deployed our internal design and engineering professionals to develop what we now coin as Pandemic Resistant Implementations (PRI).  PRI consists of four primary principles of how commercial and office environments are programmed that include design, technology, building systems/engineering, and operational procedures.  When these four principles are factored into the new construction or modification of the built environment, customized solutions can be identified and implemented that are unique to each situation.  In order to achieve this, our approach to working for our clients includes:

  • collecting information on the business use and evaluating the existing status of the building or proposed concept.
  • presenting potential PRI solutions along with the associated cost vs. benefit analysis.
  • propose and manage the selection of industry leaders which include design, engineering, manufacturing, and procedural improvements.
  • managing the execution of the work on behalf of the client

A brief description of each of the four tenets of PRI are as follows:


Solutions supporting PRI are intentional design decisions made to reduce the risk of the spread of airborne viruses.  GCDP has identified a host of various design-related criteria that aide in the creation of an environment that welcomes users while staying mindful of social distancing best practices.  We couple creative and innovative design resulting in solutions that are carefully integrated to enhance interior spaces, such as:

  • Thoughtful space planning that best serves the safe working environment
  • Modular Systems
  • Anti-microbial and environmentally friendly materials for high touch surfaces
  • Integrated signage
  • Biophilic Architecture


GCDP can assist by bringing technology that offers cost effective solutions, timely installation, minimal disruptions and a cost benefit analysis.  Technology solutions include the use of gesture-based interactions, voice controls, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) interactivity with various building systems.  These are on the forefront of addressing these new challenges.  Some specific examples include the deployment of the following:

  • Touchless Access Control to doorways, turnstiles, and elevators via near field communication technology (NFC), and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) via a smart device
  • Utilization of apps via a smart device to control shades, thermostats, and lighting
  • Audiovisual controls
  • Wayfinding interactivity
  • Security Cameras/Video management software with analytics allowing for custom programming to detect occupancy levels and people spacing

Building Systems / Engineering

Select building systems and infrastructure modifications can create spaces that have better air quality, circulation, and cleanliness which all foster a healthier public space.  GCDP has identified a host of modifications that can be utilized with a majority of existing systems to create a touchless interaction with various components, such as:

  • Mechanical HVAC System Design such as Bipolar Ionization
  • Door and Hardware Systems
  • Electrical and Lighting Systems
  • Thermal Imaging and Occupancy Systems
  • Building Management System (BMS)


GCDP can assist in suggesting operational protocols and procedures that ensure maximized effectiveness of the other implemented solutions.  A customized plan specific to the business needs can be crafted to ensure the client is getting best value of the PRI solution package.

GCDP is ready and able to provide PRI services which can include the following services:

  • Evaluation of existing space(s) and business use case
  • Comprehensive findings report
  • Investigation into value engineering alternates
  • PRI cost benefit analysis report
  • Development of a strategic plan surrounding the PRI principles
  • PRI scope budget management
  • PRI procurement management
  • Coordinated PRI master schedule
  • Quality control review
  • Design Management
  • Field installation management