Donating Services to Noah’s Animal House

Donating Services to Noah’s Animal House

Pet and Women’s Safety (PAWS) Act – click here for video link                                                                                                           noahs1

(Las Vegas, Reno) – Grand Canyon Development Partners has selected Noah’s Animal House as their Non-Profit Partner for 2016-2017 and is donating their services to assist Noah’s Animal House develop and construct their next facility in Reno Nevada to service the pet care for the CAAW Shelter, (Committee to Aid Abused Women).


Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas is a full service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women & children’s shelters in Nevada. Their flagship operation was originally built in 2007 after recognizing how many other arrivals at The Shade Tree Shelter were desperately seeking the same safety and protection for their pets. After eight years in operation, Noah’s has cared and protected over 1,000 pets for 80,000 boarding nights for the women and children at The Shade Tree. “What we now know is that women won’t leave their pets behind to be abused as a payback and with Noah’s Animal House, they no longer have to make that choice.”

As a result of all their work in Las Vegas NV, Noah’s recognizes the need to replicate our original model and we strive to continue in this role as a means of advocating and servicing those most in need. With a clear vision of why we exist and a strong sense of purpose, our objective leads us to you today.


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