Development Management

Real Estate Development

Grand Canyon Development Partners is a full-service project management company providing experienced leadership and expertise to Real Estate Developers, Retailers, and Contractors throughout the Southwest.  Whether you’re a large company considering outsourcing alternatives, or a small company looking to grow your Business, Grand Canyon offers a wide range of services geared toward providing cost-effective solutions to meet your development goals. Our primary objective–to effectively manage our client’s projects to increase their opportunities to develop their tenant relationships and pursue more deals. Grand Canyon is comprised of development and construction professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience working for design and engineering firms, developers and contractors. Our extensive experience provides us with a unique ability to fully understand what is critical to our clients and their business while also having the insight on what it takes to pull a successful project together from feasibility to design and permitting, through construction and turnover to your tenants. We have successfully managed the development and construction projects from a few thousand to several million square feet. We also have experience and specialize in Hospitality, Gaming, Food and Beverage, Retail, Sports and Entertainment projects. By adopting a partnership mentality with our clients Grand Canyon manages each project using a team-oriented approach to ensure our client’s objectives remain the primary focus with each team member.  Grand Canyon’s role as a member of this team is to manage a well-planned collaboration of efforts on the part of owners, tenants, design professionals, contractors, and regulatory agencies. Success requires careful planning to ensure needs and requirements are met, schedules are kept, quality standards are adhered to, costly mistakes are minimized and projects are completed within budget and on schedule.

Site Planning/Schematic Design

Conceptual site planning is typically the first and perhaps the most important step in determining the feasibility of a project. Consideration of topography, access, parking, circulation and most importantly visibility to the structure and signage as they relate to the surrounding streets and adjacent development are critical in determining whether both the client’s and their tenant’s requirements can be met. How these needs can best be met while also considering jurisdictional zoning requirements or landlord restrictions is equally important. Grand Canyon Development Partners have the experience and capabilities to provide a site plan that considers these requirements while keeping our client’s construction costs and schedule in mind.

Our specific services include:

  • Research & review of available property maps, surveys, etc.
  • Verification of zoning classification for subject property along with jurisdictional ordinances relating to permitted uses, building setbacks, parking requirements, buffers, or other applicable restrictions
  • Meet with City-County / Client to review proposed project
  • Preparation of conceptual site plans based on client’s / tenant’s criteria
  • Generate project schedule based on jurisdictional process and client’s commitments to tenant and seller
  • Prepare preliminary site work cost estimate
Due Diligence/Feasibility

It has become increasingly more important for developers to fully understand the scope and magnitude of the potential financial exposures associated with developing in today’s fast-paced, competitive real estate market. Unknown issues such as insufficient soils and subsurface conditions; environmental matters relating to underground tanks, groundwater contamination, asbestos or lead-based paints; excessive site costs for remediation, roadway & infrastructure improvements are all issues that should be discovered well in advance of making significant financial commitments. Grand Canyon’s considerable experience and knowledge working in the engineering and development fields, as well as the relationships we have with highly qualified geotechnical and environmental consultants allows us to perform a detailed, comprehensive due diligence investigation geared toward discovering these and other types of issues while identifying the cost and time considerations that may impact the overall development of a deal.

Our specific services include:

  • Onsite inspection of subject property to assess topography, availability of utilities, means of ingress/egress
  • Preparation of comprehensive Site Investigation Report to document jurisdictional permitting processes and timeframes, zoning restrictions, allowable signage, stormwater requirements, utility availability and anticipated costs for connection, requirements for roadways and other public improvements
  • Generate project schedule based on jurisdictional process and client’s commitments to tenant and seller
  • Prepare preliminary Site Work Cost Estimate
  • Solicit and negotiate proposals with team members for surveying, geotechnical and environmental investigative services
  • Provide review of due diligence materials and communicate/advise client and team members of any design or cost considerations
Design Coordination

Grand Canyon’s capabilities include design coordination & supervision to ensure quality contract documents for both site and building construction management. Thorough and experienced supervision during this phase minimizes jurisdictional review time frames as well as additional costs during bidding and construction. We have the experience to manage your current design team or introduce you to our network of highly qualified, retail oriented engineering and architectural consultants that can add significant value and expertise to your projects.

Our specific services include:

  • Prepare and coordinate project schedule, client and tenant expectations with project architect and engineer
  • Review of client and tenant design criteria, land contracts, jurisdictional requirements and checklists
  • Coordinate progress meetings as needed with client/tenant/design team to review plans prior to completion and issuance to permitting agencies
  • Verification of permitting submittal requirements
Permit Expediting

In today’s complex and ever changing regulatory environment, it is critical to understand the legal permitting requirements for new development. Most projects require multiple permits, often from local, state, and federal agencies, and often with conflicting requirements. Additionally many properties aren’t conducive to today’s retail tenants either due to zoning and use issues, or site constraints that require variances and other public hearing processes to obtain approvals. If permits aren’t applied for as early as possible, or if applications are not complete, a project will potentially experience critical and costly delays. Grand Canyon has personnel skilled at investigating, completing, and processing project permits quickly and efficiently. Whether a project is simple or one that requires a lengthy process, Grand Canyon Development Partners represent their client’s interests at all levels of the process working with municipalities, Planning and Zoning Boards or other regulatory agencies all in the interest of getting a project under construction on schedule.

Our specific services include:

  • Coordination of construction documents, applications and fees in preparation for submission to jurisdictional review agencies
  • Follow-up with review agencies and coordination with design team and client regarding status of approvals and need for revisions/response/resubmittal
  • Represent client at meetings with City or County, public hearings process (Planning Commission, City Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, etc) relating to approvals, rezoning, commercial subdivision mapping or variances.
Construction Management

Grand Canyon’s construction management services support our clients by assisting your contractors in delivering high quality projects, on time and within budget. Pressure is increasingly falling on owners to deal with complex construction issues from value engineering to bidding, contractor selection to change orders. Grand Canyon’s significant experience dealing with these issues helps to assure an on-time/on-budget delivery that meets the client’s needs.

Our specific services include:

  • Review of construction documents and due diligence materials to ensure efficient and economical construction methods are being recommended
  • Issuance of bid documents to client’s qualified contractors. We can also provide assistance in identifying and qualifying potential new contractors.
  • Review of bid submittals and recommendations for award of contract
  • Preparation and execution of construction contracts
  • Periodic inspections of the site as dictated by the client to monitor compliance with the construction documents, building & safety codes and other regulations
  • Preparation of progress and cost-tracking reports, construction photographs
  • Coordination with design team for timely reviews of shop drawings
  • Monitoring of project construction to take appropriate actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather or emergencies that may impact the scheduled completion and/or cost of the project
  • Coordination with the client, contractor and design team to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures/performance, complaints and construction problems
  • Management of change order process to minimize delays and additional costs
  • Review contractor pay requests to ensure that milestones are being met
  • Coordination of the final stages of construction including punch lists, tenant inspections and turnover commitments
Tenant Coordination

Grand Canyon Development Partners understand the importance of our client’s relationship with their tenants. Urgency, responsiveness, consistency and quality are always common objectives for the client, tenant, design team and contractors. However certain issues relating to rent, schedule, tenant criteria and other requirements can sometimes present challenges in ensuring each project meets or exceeds the expectations of both the client and the tenant. Grand Canyon’s tenant coordination services provide solutions that successfully align ownership goals with retailer objectives. From renovations and expansions to new ground-up developments, we execute a plan designed to maximize the potential of each new project.

Our specific services include:

  • Review of lease documents
  • Review of tenant’s design criteria and project schedule
  • Assist in the creation of tenant/leasing document and handbooks
  • Preparation of marketing materials (color site plans, exterior building elevations, maps, etc.) to assist client in tenant negotiations
  • Coordination with client and tenant design teams
  • Shell and Tenant Improvement Plan coordination and review
  • Coordination with client and tenant contractors and internal construction management staff