Lender Services

Our understanding of a lender’s interest during the construction process has resulted in an advantageous series of successful relationships that continue to expand. At the start of the construction process is where a lender is collecting documentation related to a project and the borrower financial data to evaluate the credit risk. You don’t want to have your project go bust from the very beginning due to a lender not properly evaluating if your project can be completed for the price in the contract or the loan amount being provided. Let us help mitigate the risk with your project prior to the loan funding. We take great pride in our ability to move quickly on the issues that matter the most to our clients, lenders or investment firms, and to keep them continuously and accurately updated on the status of construction projects.

Our Lender Services include:

  • Review of loan commitment and careful and thorough loan management.
  • Review project plans, specifications and municipal requirements.
  • Review geotechnical, environmental and property condition reports.
  • Review of project cashflow requirements
  • Provide early conceptual and preliminary budgets and schedules
  • Document review and report on the plans and specifications in relation to their completeness, constructability and building integrity.
  • Review and report on owner’s contract with architect, consultants and testing agencies.
  • Review and report on Owner/General Contractor agreement.
  • Review of development budgets, construction costs, schedules, estimates and schedule of values.
  • Monthly inspections of the project with detailed reports including digital photographs, analysis of monthly costs, change orders, cost-to-date, schedule to date and balance to complete.
  • Monthly Review of awarded contracts, subcontracts and vendors.
  • Monthly review of anticipated cost reports (ACRs)
  • Recommendations for funding disbursements.
  • Lien waiver and insurance reviews monthly